A Revolutionary device to enhance blood circulation in your legs. SitWalker helps to increase the reverse blood flow and can directly help to reduce the risk of Varicose Veins and Deep vein thrombosis (DVT )

Benefits of using the SitWalker

Useful for people having an inactive lifestyle
Reduces calf muscle cramps
Helps reduce Back Pain
Reduces Swelling in feet
Helps reduce blood stagnation in the ankle
Helps in reducing Varicose Veins
Helps in Preventing Deep vein Thrombosis
Helps clear Blood Clots in Leg

SitWalker - How to use?

Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving..And Movement is LIFE..!

Checkout this short video demonstrating how SitWalker works:

Daily use of SitWalker can save you lakhs

SitWalker helps in reducing blood stagnation in legs & improves blood circulation while sitted. It prevents and avoids the effects of pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrest, brain stroke, Deep vein thrombosis, etc. thus saving lakhs of your hard earned money through avoiding surgeries.


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